Functional Core Rehabilitation

The demands on your core musculature are endless.  Poor alignment, pregnancy, c-sections, abdominal surgeries, improper management of intra-abdominal pressure systems and even competitive athletics all affect how the muscles of your core work. 

If you have or think you have diastasis recti, the "mommy tummy" that won't improve despite all your efforts, then functional core rehabilitation is for you.

If you feel like you aren't engaging your core properly, you often experience low back pain with core exercises, or core exercises are ineffective, then functional core rehabilitation is for you. 

In Core Restore we identify and treat any muscle imbalances in your core, develop a personalized strategy to optimize engagement of your deep core, teach you how to manage intra-abdominal pressure during daily tasks and higher level activities, and ensure that you are able to properly progress the load and intensity of your core exercises.