Personal Training

If you are pregnant, postpartum, rehabilitating a pelvic floor dysfunction, recovering from an orthopedic injury or simply looking for a personal trainer who understands and specializes in movement, I would love to schedule a session with you! I offer personal training sessions at Steamboat Fit and also provide at-home personal training routines. 

Are you pregnant and looking to stay strong and active? Are you postpartum and trying to get back into shape or return to a sport? 

You’re in the right place. I help people like YOU feel at home in their body. We focus on being strong and active during pregnancy, rehabbing and retraining your core and pelvic floor during early postpartum and then transition you back towards whatever activities you love to do. 

Regardless of your fitness background or goals, we can work together to design a program to support your fitness and athletic goals, core and pelvic floor health and the demands of parenthood. I also offer online personal training programs to complement the changing demands of pregnancy, postpartum or life in general.

Pregnancy Personal Training

Exercise during pregnancy is not only safe, but contributes to a wide range of positive outcomes for both parent and baby. My goal is not just to craft a fitness program for you, but also to educate you about your changing body and help you set realistic expectations for what it can do during this time. 

What to Expect

In your first session I listen to your concerns and goals.  We review any aches and pains you are experiencing and then we start moving!  I will take you through a movement screen and customize your personal training program based on all the information I collect in this first session.  From there, we work hard to keep you strong and pain free during pregnancy!

Postpartum Personal Training

I help women who have had babies rehab, retrain and return to their sports or demands of daily life with confidence. I recommend a postpartum assessment for anyone interested in personal training as part of their recovery and rehab.  In this session, I evaluate your whole body, including the pelvic floor muscles.  This gives me ALL the information I need to create a customized program.  Whatever your fitness goal, whether running, skiing, mountain biking or chasing around your kids, I’m here to help you optimize your recovery and training. 

Core and pelvic health support

If you are looking for support managing a core and pelvic floor condition, please visit my Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy Support Page, or contact me by clicking below.

Programs Designed for You

Whether you are pregnant, postpartum or just looking to improve your health and wellness - I am here to support YOU. This is a 100% personalized experience. 

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