Postpartum Assessment and Recovery

Feel Safe, Strong and Empowered in Your Body 

Being pregnant and delivering a baby is no joke. Tremendous stress is placed on the joints and tissues of the body during pregnancy. Labor and delivery result in trauma to these tissues during both vaginal deliveries and cesarean deliveries. Your body needs both time and rehabilitation to restore strength and stability. 

Returning to movement postpartum looks different for every woman. Together, we start with a postpartum assessment. During this assessment we take a look at how your whole body is recovering from pregnancy and childbirth.

Postpartum Physical Therapy

I offer services in the studio or virtually. Care is patient-centered, individualized and evidence-based. Book a Postpartum Assessment to get started. I also offer a Postpartum Package, which includes 4 sessions, the first being a virtual check in at 2 weeks postpartum. This ensures you have the care and strategies to optimize your recovery before your 6 week check up. Postpartum Physical Therapy can address a wide array of issues.

Hover over the symptoms below for more information.

Diastasis Recti


Painful Sex

Pain Before, During or After Intercourse


Constipation After
Giving Birth

in Vagina

Vaginal Pressure
or Pain

Urinary Leakage

Leaking Pee

Urgency or Frequency

Frequency or Intense Urgency

Return to Sport
and Fitness

Difficulty Returning to Sport and Fitness Routine

Pelvic Organ Prolapse

Weak or Damaged Muscles and Tissues.

Core Weakness

Feeling Disconnected from Core.

Joint and Muscle Pain

Tailbone Pain
Low Back Pain Abdominal Pain or Hip Pain

Pubic Bone Pain

Sacroiliac Joint Pain (Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction)

Incisional Pain

Incisional Pain from Vaginal or Cesarean Birth

Who is a Postpartum Assessment For?

I recommend a postpartum assessment to all women who have delivered a baby, and it is especially helpful and important for those returning to fitness and sports routines. 

Rehab can begin as early as 2 weeks postpartum and is still beneficial even years after delivery! Many say postpartum is forever. If you have pelvic floor concerns, lingering diastasis recti (abdominal separation) aches, pains or simply want to get into better shape postpartum, I would be honored to work with you!

Invest in Feeling Your Best

Starting slowly and mindfully, I evaluate postural alignment, breathing patterns, diastasis recti, pelvic floor muscle function and overall strength and stability.  After an evaluation, a personalized treatment plan will be created based on assessment findings. Together we will create a customized plan to strengthen and heal your body. I understand that every pregnancy and postpartum experience is unique. By taking a tailored approach I can help you feel like the best version of you. 

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